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You have a story;
We'd like to tell it...
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"Honest, clear, and forward thinking film producers."
     - Ann Sievers, Owner, IL Fiorello Olive Oil Company

Epic Flight Films...Your Bay Area Film Company

Whether you’ve been in business 50 years or 10 days, you have put your heart and hard work into your company from the very beginning.  You’ve experienced set-backs and failures, and you’ve pushed through to victory.  We at EF Films are honored to be a part our business community, and we bring to you, an experienced team who has worked in Hollywood Film and Television, as well as corporate and government video content for over 22 years. Our producers are committed to excellence, mission-minded, and focused toward making every film and video its very best with the highest level of cinematic quality.  We can produce anything you have in mind from concept to completion. 

Epic Flight Films...Your Bay Area Film Company

Why Choose Us as Your Film Company?

We have worked in this industry long enough to fail at every thinkable part of the production process and learned to overcome and excel.  Experience Matters most for the success and cost-effectiveness of your film.  We have that experience. 

Our Producers and Cinematographers

What Sets Our Producers Apart?

Beside the fact that our company is a registered Veteran Owned Small Business, that we have over two decades of on-location and set environment work under our belt, we are passionate about heritage and family and love telling people's story whether it be for their company, product or historical preservation.

With you as our client, our staff takes time to listen to your story.  We want to know why you started in the first place; what obstacles you faced; what kept you going when all hope was lost?  Your fully-produced video will invite your clients to join in your journey.  It will create a window into your business or life for your clients.  We earnestly desire to show your heart, so you don't just get customers; you acquire long-term relationships with true clients.

How Does Your Company Work With Me?

How Does Our Film Company Work With You?

Telling your own story can be challenging, whether it's your personal story or the story of your business.  The shear amount of information and connecting plot lines can leave your head spinning, but the burden of tying it all together does not have to fall to you.  As filmmakers, we are experts in the field of portraying your life's work and passion through video. We take your stories and organize them into a cohesive narrative script for your audience to enjoy on screen.  The final video can be used on TV, your website, social media, youtube, or vimeo pages as you see fit.  Whatever you find most effective for you.

Nervous about being on camera?  Don't worry.  Our experienced director will help you to understand how to handle your body language, walking, talking, facial expressions, shoulders, and what to do with your hands.  Being in front of the camera sometimes just takes a little practice and we help you to relax and to feel comfortable so that you can focus on your company, product, or story that is being represented in the video so that we can get to work to produce the quality video that one expects from an LA film company.

Our Hollywood Film Industry Origins....

Our company's staff started in Los Angeles in the Hollywood film industry 22 years ago and has worked on the production teams of many big-budget studio movies and TV Shows and has fully produced 4 independent feature-length films.  Two of these features were licensed to National Geographic Channel International.  We have been creating video content in the SF Bay Area for the past 7 years alone.  You can read more about our credits and certifications on the About page.  For more videos showcasing our work, check out our Reels and Samples page.

Our Aerial Cinematography - We Use Drones...And We're FAA Licensed

Most of our work is ground-based movie & TV production, but aerial cinematography adds a whole new dimension to any video.  Our company made the transition from full-sized aircraft to UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in 2011.  Our Executive Producer has over 4 decades of hands-on operational history with remote UAS.  Our pilots are Licensed by the FAA, and all of our aircraft are commercially FAA registered and fully insured for aerial filming operations.  They perform a complete pre-flight checklist, inspecting the aircraft before each and every flight.  From years of video production expertise they compose controlled, smooth, and intricate shots.  Our company's weather forecaster has 11 years of forecasting experience and has kept countless personnel and billions of dollars in USAF, Army, Marine, and Navy aircraft flying safely.  He now uses his experience in the video field to keep our squadron of six UAV aircraft flying safely.

Some Of Our Clients

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