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Commercials & Highlight Videos

you IMAGINE it   -   we FILM it   -   they COME...

You've dreamed of pursuing your passion and put your resources into the vision.  Our experienced film production team specializes in capturing your vision and company's heart by creating a window into your world through video.  We at Epic Flight Films are pleased to be a part of your business community and we look forward to creating video content with many of you in the ongoing drive to market, build and expand your business.  Our clients always speak of our professionalism, their increase in web and foot traffic, and their world wide recognition after publishing their new video.

How Our Film Company Works With You

  • Our producers meet with you to listen to your story and company vision

  • We work with you to schedule a shoot day

  • During video production, we capture your vision

  • Our editors lace together the raw video in our professional editing suite

  • Our staff delivers you a quality video commercial


Airlines Commercial

Experience Sonoma Valley


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