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Production Staff For Hire

Script Writing

Our script writers have written multiple narrative and commercial scripts​.  If you need a commercial but don't have the time to create an idea and script, let our writers create any script from voiceover, commercials, and book to film adaptations.

  • Video Editing

    • We've been editing for 16 years, and we've had to deal with some challenging footage. ​ If you have the footage for your video already, we can weave it together into a cohesive video for your purposes.  Give us a call to discuss your project. We may have you to send some samples of your footage via Dropbox or mail to look over to help us best quote your project.  Quotes are free of charge.  Special terms may apply to larger productions.

  • Color Grading

  • Film applied Graphic Design

    • ​Over the years, we've reworked and created full logos for countless companies and events.  Our graphic artists can optimize your logo by creating vector files so it can be scaled as large as needed with no degradation to.

      • Logos

      • Titles

      • Effects

      • Etc.

  • ​Aerial Mapping

  • Drone Inspection Services

    • With our FAA licensed pilots, we can get up in the air to inspect your solar panels, windmills, and roofs.  Some samples of the quality of our work can be found on our Drone Inspection page.  

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