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Production Staff For Hire

Script Writing

Our script writers have written multiple narrative and commercial scripts​.  If you need a commercial but don't have the time to create an idea and script, let our writers create any script from voiceover, commercials, and book to film adaptations.

  • Video Editing

    • We've been editing for over 14 years, and we've had to deal with some challenging footage. ​ If you have the footage for your video already, we can weave it together into a cohesive video for your purposes.  Send us your footage via Dropbox or mail and we'll give you a free quote.  Special terms may apply to larger productions.

  • Color Grading

  • Film applied Graphic Design

    • ​Over the years, we've reworked and created full logos for countless companies and events.  Our graphic artists can optimize your logo by creating vector files so it can be scaled as large as needed with no degradation to.

      • Logos

      • Titles

      • Effects

      • Etc.

  • ​Aerial Mapping

  • Drone Inspection Services

    • With our FAA licensed pilots, we can get up in the air to inspect your solar panels, windmills, and roofs.  Some samples of the quality of our work can be found on our Drone Inspection page.  

Show the passion you have for your life's work or get your audience excited about the future of your organization!  We'll make you look like THE professional in your field.  Our video production team will set lighting, calibrate audio, and film from multiple camera angles to provide you the quality interview you need to attract investors, clients, or followers.  

What you need to do...

Let us come to your location to select an appropriate interview site

Work with our schedulers to set aside one day for filming

coordinate with our team on wardrobe and makeup

relax!  We will direct you on posture, mood, and facial cues to bring out your shining personality.

Graphics and titling for 


For 1 day, our production suite will work at the place of your choosing to produce the very best, movie quality film for you.  Upon completion of principle photography, our highly talented editors will set the footage to a piece of music no less than 2 minutes long with light titling throughout.  The final product will be uploaded to your specific shared folder on our DropBox account.

We send one of our trained and FAA licensed drone cinematographers to the eligible property.  Once there, they will plan and compose a series of shots using our movie-sized, widely adaptable suite of production equipment.  Filming should only last 1 day, though with larger & grander locations it might take up to 2 days.  Upon completion of principle photography, our highly talented editors will set the footage to a piece of music no less than 2 minutes long with light titling throughout.  The final video will be uploaded to your specific shared folder on our DropBox account.​​

Who buys your high-end homes?  


People who buy expensive homes don't normally come from around the corner.  They work in Texas, New York, Shanghai.  They're busy people who don't have the leisure time to look at houses for a few weeks.  If they're going to buy an airline ticket to go somewhere, they're going to do some research to decide where to look first.  If you want to be sure of selling your home, you need to create a way of for your client to experience the feeling that they'll feel when walking through the door.

There are many online real estate portals like Zillow, Trulia and Redfin to name a few.  

Though many people are using these sites to look for their next home, nothing compares to walking through the door and seeing the house in person, 

Any realtor knows that nothing compares 

We create listing videos  to go on any of your marketing sites like Zillow, Trulia, etc.  You can also add the link to your company Vimeo or Youtube page.  

Who do you market through?

Your youtube channel

add a link to your realtor profile






Who is buying your houses?

Local or abroad?

What do your buyers want to experience

Why do they move here?

What do they want to experience?

Where are they from?


When our staff will meets with you to discuss your video, we want to hear your story and listen to your heart.  Most entrepreneurs don't get up everyday just for money.  You have worked hard to make a better life for you and your family, so we want to capture that in your video.  People don't just want a bottle wine, the look for the story on the back.  We want people to connect with you and your story.

-How did you come to own or manage your company?

-Why do you get up in the morning?

-What legacy do you hope to leave behind?

-What gives you the most pleasure in your company?

We will be immortalizing your business, so before our production team films your video, we will need you to clean the location we'll be working with.  


On shoot day, we'll work with your staff to create a stellar representation of you and your company.  Our executive producer has over 18 years of experience directing individuals on camera.  We will guide you in every aspect of presenting yourself for your video, from wardrobe and vocal tone to body posture and facial expressions.  You might be surprised how easy it is to star in your own commercial!


During the final stage of video production, our editors will lace together the best footage in our industry standard editing program.  We will set align the video with 

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